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Does your travelling style help you?

What is it your traveling style look like? Are you the one who prefers to be comfy all the way? Or you like to have just a casual look? Or you would dress up for the trip? 

Researchers highlighted that your appearance and how you dress while traveling especially if you are taking a plane would have a great impact on how people would treat you. Many times you might need to upgrade to get extra service. According to research, it would be easier to get what you want if you are well dressed and well groomed. 

Fashion and style always reflect your character and who you are. But traveling for long hours could be tiring and messy, that is why we advise choosing the comfortable cut and breathable materials while keeping your touch of style. Here are some suggestions for different styles:


1. A casual sporty look for long travel:


2. Casual yet elegant look:

3. Elegant Business Lady Look:

4. Casual, comfy and elegant:




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