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Dress to succeed

Dress to Impress.. Is it a myth?

The way we look really makes a huge impact on our lives in general and in our working life in particular, especially if entrepreneurship is the domain. How so? 

Firstly, I feel more confident when I know that I am wearing the right, trendy and smart outfit. I would feel extra happy knowing that I had a good deal, wouldn't you? BTW, for me, I have also to feel comfortable: the cut, the size, the materials, the style... All these extras are very important to me, and affects my mood and my ability to focus on doing business and successful deals. 

Secondly, i noticed that people are taking me more seriously when I am dressed smartly. Also I noticed that more doors are opened for me (literally and in a metaphor way). People notice me, and are more kind to me, pay attention to me... Haven't you noticed that when you dress elegantly? 

Dress to Impress is not the trend..." Dress to succeed" is the trend, and I strongly believe that after doing so many research and experiences.... 

Have a successful day. 

Dr. Roukana

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