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Weekend Elegancy

what I am thinking about the week end is to be comfortable and elegant...a lot of activities, seeing a lot of people, lunch, and drinks...so being chick and comfortable is my goal...there are some suggestions for trending and fun weekend.

 I would choose this trendy jumper :


Accessories are very important to highlight women's character. I like this neckless that goes perfect with the jumper. there is a choice of gold and silver but for this outfit I would choose the silver one to reflect ones.



and since it is summer, I would add such trendy glasses. the glasses are oversized for more sun protection and since it is the trend. I choose the blue colors to add a bit of excitement on the look.


The total cost would be: around $ 64 Canadian dollars..

However, this weekend we are experiencing an extreme hot weather in #Montreal. Hope everyone enjoys Summer time.







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