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We always highlight the importance of the appearance in building a successful life, wishing to do more other than just giving pieces of advice.

 Elegant, Chic, and Trendy fashion and accessories with modest prices are the goal. All to suit modern women, which are considered to be overachievers nowadays. 

We select carefully our items direct from the manufacturers just like the high street and large department stores, however, as our manufacturers are happy to send orders direct to our customers, we do not have to pay huge costs for stock, rent, storage or wages that a high street shop or department store has to cover. This means we can offer reduced pricing and discounts on a lot of our products. 

Our manufacturers are global, from USA, Canada, to China and Europe, meaning shipping and delivery times can vary. Our further afield manufacturers ask us to allow approximately 17 days to process pack and deliver their items however we have experienced a much quicker service often receiving stock within 10-15 days.

This store is to help women to stand out gracefully while enjoying life in elegant, fashionable and comfy appearances. At the same time, to provide products that beautify the women's lives, and make their lives easier and happier.(especially if they have babies and fury friends) 

Now it is time for you to know about me. I am a hardworking mom who loves fashion and accessories, always looking for great deals and best quality, loves to help others, and working hard to make everybody happy. I live in Montréal, Canada where people from all ethnic cultures live in a beautiful harmony. This is reflected in choosing our products, to meet the needs of everyone. 

I would love to hear from you: suggest products, your opinions of our store, or just to say hi. Your feedback is always welcome. 

Contact Us:

 Instagram: @lively_and_luxury - for the recent fashion trends

Facebook page: @livelyandluxury (https://www.facebook.com/livelyandluxury/

Email: radiantaly@gmail.com



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